Narasimha Parvatha


It is famous for Agumbe Sringeri Trek Trail, part of Kuduremukh national park in Agumbe, Shivamogga (Shimoga) district of Karnataka.

At an altitude of 3780 feet above sea level, is the highest peak in Agumbe Ghats. One can get a panoramic view of the Western Ghats from here (like Kudremukh ranges). The sight of sunrise and sunset is stunning and enchanting.


From the top of the hill, one can also have a birds view of Malladoor Village, with wide areas of paddy fields and few towers of Agumbe town.

There is a big valley between Narasimha Parvata and Mallandoor.


Peaks are covered by Grasslands and capped by Blue Sky. Slopes and the valley between Narasimha Parvata and Mallandoor are covered with thick forests.

Trekkers can spot colourful birds and wildlife during this wonderful trek inside the National Park. 


There are two options to trek Narasimha Parvatha.

1] From Malandur (Base Camp for trekkers), which is 6Kms far from Agumbe and 13 Kms from Malandur to peak.

2] From Kigga which is their 10KMS from Sringeri and 6 Kms from Kigga to peak.


Trekking from Malandur (Agumbe Side) to peak is Difficult, whereas trekking from Kigga (Sringeri side) to peak is Moderate. It takes 7 - 9 hours from Malandur (Agumbe side) to peak and 4 - 6 hours from Kigga (Sringeri side) to peak. Trekkers can Camp close to Old house near to peak.

It’s really a picturesque trail and absolutely worth doing!


Interesting Facts

Agumbe is a sensitive area as occasional Naxals create chaos at this place. Due to this reason the forest department and the police have made some rigid rules and without a guide, you are not allowed to enter the forest area. You have to take permission from the DYSP who sits in Agumbe and then after providing your address proofs and all you are ready to go. The guide will arrange an Auto and it will take you till the base point. Then the horrendous trek to Narasimha Parvata starts. Camping atop the peak is disallowed due to the presence of wildlife in the forests. 


Water Sources:

From Malandur side: You will find water stream at Barkana waterfalls which is there at 8 Kms from Malandur. There will be many water streams during Monsoon and post-monsoon months. Most of the streams (Except Barkana falls stream i.e Sita river) will be dried by end December. Better to carry enough water along with you if you are trekking after December. Next Water source is near to Peak (200mts from the old house)

From Kigga side: Difficult to get water on the way(after December). Only water source this side is near to Peak (200mts from the old house)     


Camping Site: Plenty of space to do camp just near to peak. There is an old building which can be used for a stay if you are not planning to carry tents. The Old house will accommodate 10 - 12 people. If you are carrying tents then there is plane surface near to the old house. Water source also near to this old building (about 200mts)    


Best Tome to Visit

Best time to trek: November to February is the best time to trek. Please note that Agumbe region receives the highest rainfall in Karnataka. Trekking in monsoon will be very bad idea and very difficult to trek also. Trails can be very slippery and filled with leeches.

In summer water source will be dried up and also required a lot of strength to do this trek.


How to Reach Narasimha Parvatha

Narasimha Parvatha is located at a distance of 362 km from Bangalore. There are two popular trails to this peak. One is through Agumbe from the village of Malandur and the other is through Sringeri at the village of Kigga. The trek from Malandur village takes around 8-9 hours to the peak. It is a bit treacherous, thanks to steep climbs that turn up after the Barkana waterfall. The trek from Kigga can be termed relatively easy, as it takes only 5-6 hours to reach the peak.


To reach Malandur:

Board a bus towards Agumbe from Bangalore. There are plenty of KSRTC buses to this place. Once at Agumbe, you can catch an auto to Malandur village. Malandur is teeming with greenery and is full of paddy fields, especially during the monsoons.


Trek to Narasimha Parvatha through Malandur:

· Trek duration: 8-9 hours

· Trek difficulty: Moderate

The initial part of the trail is flat and easy, taking you slowly into the deeper part of the forest. The Sita River winds through this path. Many small streams flow around the trail during monsoon.


Trek to Narasimha Parvatha from Kigga: 

You can also ascend Narasimha Parvatha through Kigga. The 6 km trek takes around 5-6 hours and the trek starts from the Kigga temple.


Food and Accommodation:

You can pack your lunch from Sringeri or Agumbe for the trek. These places are suitable for accommodation as well.

There are two trekking routes to the Narasimha Parvatha.
1. Malandur to the Narasimha Parvatha Peak from Agumbe side; 13 Kms; difficult; 8-9 hours
2.  Kigga to Narasimha Parvatha Peak from Sringeri side; 5 Kms; Medium; 4-5 hours


How to reach trek string point

Trek from Agumbe side: You can hire an auto from Agumbe to Malandur. The auto charge will be around Rs 100 for 5. Extra Rs 20 for each person.

Trek From Sringeri side:  Local Buses play between Sringeri and Kigga (Frequency 1 hour) takes around 30 min to reach Kigga from Sringeri

Trek Difficulty level: Trekking from Agumbe side is difficult. This is mainly because you will trek inside the forest for 10 KMS. You will start your trek at an altitude of 826 Mts. In forest many times you will gain altitude and again you will lose it :). There is no visible trek trail inside the forest. There is a high chance of getting lost in the forest. Trek difficulty from Malandur to Barkana falls is "Moderate". Trek Difficulty from Barkana falls to until the end of the forest is very difficult(Very steep to trek). After forest trek difficulty is moderate.

Trekking from Sringeri side is Moderate, From trek start point till peak, you required to trek inside the forest for initial 1KMS from Kigga temple till forest is very easy. The actual trek starts from this point. Next 2KMS you required trekking inside the forest. But considering distance required to cover from Sringeri side is much less compared to Agumbe side Hence trekking from Sringeri side is easier compared to Agumbe side.

Narasimha parvatha trekking distance: Trekking distance from Agumbe side: Malandur to Barkana falls -> 8KMS, Barkana falls to the exit of forest 3KMS, Exit of forest to Peak 2KMS. The total distance from Malandur to Narsimaha parvatha peak is 13 KMS


By Bus


You can find buses to Agumbe from Majestic, Basaveshwara Bus Stand - Peenya.


Pre-Booking would be advised as you can plan your trip.

If not Agumbe, then you can reach Thirthahalli or Shivamogga and then take local buses.

Leaving from Bengaluru, then you will have several roads to approach Agumbe. The major two are via Shivamogga and another from Udupi. It depends on how you plan your trip. Udupi is farther though it’s beautiful. If you are planning a trip only to Agumbe and surrounding places then Shivamogga is the best route and if you are planning a coastal trip and then to Agumbe then take the Udupi route.

By Rail

Nearest Railway station would be Shivamogga Railway Station and the stop id is SMET.

There are trains which run every day from Bengaluru to Talaguppa, Shivamogga.

ತಾಲ್ಲೂಕು: ತೀರ್ಥಹಳ್ಳಿ
ತಾಲ್ಲೂಕು ಕೇಂದ್ರದಿಂದ: ೩೦ ಕಿ.ಮೀ
ಜಿಲ್ಲಾ ಕೇಂದ್ರದಿಂದ: ೯೦ ಕಿ.ಮೀ 

By Air

Domestic Airport: Hubli (130 km), Mangalore (135 km), Pune (500 km)

International Airport: Bengaluru International Airport (BLR): 340 km

Places Around

Bangalore: 341 Km
Mysore: 275 Km
Mangalore: 113 Km
Udupi: 103 Km
Shimoga: 122 Km
Tumkur: 262 Km
Chikmagalur: 96 Km
Sringeri: 10 Km
Horanadu: 85 Km
Balehonnur: 46 Km
Koppa: 38 Km
Kigga: 0.75 Km